LETTER: Quality of life will be destroyed

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Your letters

I welcome this oppurtunity to express my views about the proposed second runway at Gatwick Airport.

We live in the village of Warnham and recently suffered the six month trial of the new proposed flight path - it was horrendous.

It was unbearable being woken every morning before 6am with the continuous drones of these low flying aircraft. We did not move to a small village to be made to suffer this life changing nuisance.

We have now received a letter from the CEO of Gatwick Airport which was a grovelling explanation of why Gatwick needs this extra runway and what advantages it will offer, also offering compensation in the way of money off council tax fees for the worst affected!

How insulting is this! As if any amount of money could compensate for the misery caused by the noise of the aircraft.

The impact on our health was huge, my husband was recovering from a double heart bypass and I have had several years of illness. What we need is for our lives to NOT be destroyed by this proposal, and make no mistake, it will destroy our quality of life and our mental health.


Stanford Orchard, Warnham