LETTER: Quality of life must be priority

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Your letters

I write regarding North Horsham - and all excessive development. Sometimes people or those with power will not accept any answer until the answer is the one they want (even if the ‘question’ has to be adjusted!! a few times ).

Then ALL further debate is closed (e.g. those in power - albeit not elected - in Brussels !).

But on this occasion we are concerned with our immediate environment and those truly locally elected , our district council and Parliament - until a matter is taken over by ‘The Inspectors’ ( a body of independent dictators who appear to be a law unto themselves) - who are not even answerable to the mighty champion of localism (joke), the impressive Eric Pickles MP.

Parliament appears to have more important issues to debate (say no more !) but our genuinely local councillors have spoken out, echoing the views and wishes of those affected by the extreme, disastrous proposal to concrete over even more the diminished gap between us and Crawley ; although we must fear their/our opinions will be over-ridden by those not affected or in truth probably just not interested?

But People Power can and must be heard, emphasised and hammered until the effect of DEMOCRACY becomes a reality.

As has been stated on occasions, time without number, the development needs must be proved and for local people (isn’t that what localism means ?); when proven the obvious emphasis must be on re-using brownfield sites and building up rather than out (which of course is easier for a quick profit - but we have a duty to look beyond the selfish targets of today to the quality of life of our subsequent generations).

Now for the surprise - I do believe in free enterprise, I am imbued with the principles of accounting, profit and economics, but the all-pervading influence in so many aspects of life for us and our children’s children ad infinitum must be the quality, and in this instance the quality of our environment is an ultimate basis of decision making for the lifestyle that will be inherited by those yet to be born.


Fay Road, Horsham