LETTER: Public’s views on big town changes

Your letters
Your letters

I have been a resident of Horsham’s Bishopric for over 12 years and up until a year ago we had a normal and peaceful life.

Not any more though, last year we had and it’s still ongoing the Bishopric garage pulled down and four houses being built, now just across the road we have the demolition of the Ford showrooms and other buildings for the John Lewis and Waitrose stores, with all the dust and noise that this produces.

But wait for it, Collingwood Batchellor have now got a planning application to have a front first floor extension on stilts over the front parking area forward of all the other building lines, in my opinion this is one step too far.

Letters have been sent to the various properties around this site, but what about the general Horsham public? Do they want to see this building made even bigger? I would hope common sense is seen in the planning department and this gets a firm NO.

Do Horsham residents or shop owners get to be ask when major developments as the ones above get decided on by the council? Of course we don’t, the council just goes ahead and does it. This has got to change, we all have a view and it needs to be heard before major changes are made to our town.


Bishopric, Horsham