LETTER: Provision of infrastructure

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Your letters

In response to Jonathan Dancer’s letter in last week’s paper, I write to correct a number of inaccuracies.

There is no plan, to build on a flood plain at North Horsham. Any plan to do so would raise objections from the Environment Agency.

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) mentioned in Mr Dancer’s letter is one where communities receive funds to improve local infrastructure primarily on small to medium sized developments.

We cannot have a levy on any development until we have our Horsham District Planning Framework adopted. If that plan (HDPF) does not go through, there will be no such monies for any community anywhere in the District and Parishes preparing Neighbourhood Development plans would not get the 25 per cent of the levy.

On land North of Horsham specifically, the developer will be required to fully fund the infrastructure necessary to deliver the development. This could be achieved in a combination of ways - through the direct provision of infrastructure by the developer, through legal agreements (known as S106) and or through CIL.


(Con, Southwater) Cabinet Member for Living and Working Communities, Horsham District Council, North Street, Horsham