LETTER: Proud of what we have achieved

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Your letters

I wish to take issue with your columnist Nik Butler in his article in your edition of the 22nd January headed ‘Ask the children what they think about Horsham’s future’. In this article he questions why we do not consult children and says that we should start asking them their views. He states that ‘middle aged councillors are unlikely to be on board when dealing with skateboarding amongst other things’. In his article there is a photograph with the caption ‘The great and the good attend the opening of Henfield Skateboard Park’.

I am not sure why he chose a photograph of Henfield to illustrate his point but he should get his facts straight, regarding consultation, before making such comments.

I was chairman of the committee dealing with this project on Henfield Parish Council when our skateboard was planned. We consulted with the youth club, whose building is adjacent to the skateboard park, as well with pupils at Steyning Grammar School and local skateboarders throughout the planning process.

Taking into account their views we constructed a concrete skateboard park that is now visited by users from far and wide.

We have also recently upgraded the play equipment in two of our playgrounds and again we consulted with infant and junior children at the local school.

When our youth club was relocated to its present site from its previous Victorian building the club members were again involved in the planning of the new building throughout the process.

With the valued input of our youngsters and working in partnership with Horsham District Council we are proud of what we have achieved in Henfield.

Whilst I am past the stage of being a middle aged councillor those of us in the photograph are obliged to Nik Butler if he thinks we are the great and good.


Vice-chairman, Henfield Parish Council , Coopers Way, Henfield