LETTER: Proposals ignore strain on services

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I am horrified at the proposals for a market town in West Sussex. The proposals completely ignore the strain on the infrastructure that an additional 10,000 homes (20,000 vehicles) would create.

The nearest rail link to employment is seven miles away, and the service is already at capacity. The roads are not able to sustain the increased volume of traffic. There are few employment opportunities locally, and these are mostly in low paid service jobs.

I cannot see the rationale in creating this sizeable town with no regard to the impact on the existing residents. The water, sewage and electricity companies struggle to cope with present demands.

I was concerned to see that one of those who will gain financially from this scheme - the director Lord Matthew Taylor - was part of the team responsible for the government’s new planning laws (NPPF) - a blatant conflict of interest.

I am sure with more effort, suitable brownfield sites could be developed. This would of course not give the huge profits of greenfield development, but would in the long term offer a much more sustainable environment.


Oakhurst, Henfield