LETTER: Proposal would wreak havoc

Your letters
Your letters

We object to the proposal to develop North Horsham as part of Horsham District Council’s Preferred Strategy.

There is no reason to build such a large development here.

Greenfield lands adjacent to the A264 should not be developed until all the other alternative sites in the district have been occupied to full capacity along with HDC-owned lands.

The predecessors of the current members of HDC made a pledge that the A264 will be the northern boundary of Horsham, at the time of its construction, and that the land above will be the Strategic Gap separating Horsham and Crawley and allowing each town to have a unique identity.

Residents expect this pledge to be kept. Our green open spaces are of inestimable value to the environment and to concrete over them is nothing short of an assault.

This proposal makes no sense economically, socially or in terms of town planning and architecture, and would wreak havoc upon the lives of residents with movement of catchment lines, increased demand on train services and congestion on roads.

Any plans for further provision of industrial premises in the Horsham area is ludicrous as many hundreds of square metres are currently standing empty with no potential takers.

Diana and Egidio Spadaccini

Leith View Road, Horsham