LETTER: Propaganda paid for by taxpayer

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Your letters

Serious questions need addressing urgently (‘Fear for social care as £140m cuts are set to come into force’ / ‘County council is to stage a series of road shows in face of new round of spending cuts’, WSG, Dec 4 / Nov 27)

1. Why are these ‘Cuts Roadshows’ not Public Consultations? They look like a publicity stunt - propaganda - paid for by the taxpayer.

2. Are the Cuts right? We have to be morally asleep not to realise there is something seriously wrong here - cuts which are hitting - ‘culling’ - the most vulnerable and at risk in our local communities.

3. Are the Cuts legal? There is a question of legality. Is West Sussex County Council in breach of their Public Sector Equality Duty under the Equality Act 2010, by not having a Public Consultation or an Equality Impact Assessment?

We must now demand answers to such questions from our county council - now - and not rest content with propaganda at our expense.

As George Orwell said - his last-known published words - ‘Don’t let it happen. It depends on you’.


SCRAM Campaign Against 1000 Cuts (Crawley), Ifield Street, Ifield Village