LETTER: ‘Progress’ taking us backwards

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Your letters

I will open my letter by quoting one of our French cousin’s observations:- ‘The trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be’.

Those that have been following the twists and turns over the future of the Horsham Indoor Bowls Club might be forgiven in thinking that progress means: being negative; being less of; lowering of one’s expectations and being proud to having achieved less than what one had in the first place.

We are now into a countdown from when the council gave a revised promise to announce what direction they are going over the future of the indoor bowls club.

To date amongst all the fanfare for the new-look Quadrant with hotels, commercial outlets, dubious medical centre and even more housing the council are asking us to be proud of a diminished bowls club and leisure centre. Proud to less playing areas which would make it impossible to repeat national events like before.

Proud to change in communal areas rather than private with the security it provides... and maybe pay by the hour for the privilege.

Proud of a new ‘coffee shop’ rather than the fine low cost restaurant facilities as is now.

Proud to be ridding ourselves of the space for those cursed social events, whist drives, bridge club, and social meetings which so many people enjoyed.

Proud to pay to park one’s car which being free previously made it possible for most to enjoy a social evening out.

Perhaps I am wrong in thinking that when you look to the future one thinks of ‘progress’.

What is progress? Mine is certainly not the same as the council. Perhaps the council should make a decree and start with the words of some American poet ‘Progress might have been all right once but it has gone on far too long’.

My last words are ‘leave as is, progress is now’.


Skylark View, Horsham