LETTER: Profound value of full time mums

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Your letters

The recently celebrated ‘Mother’s Day’ was a great opportunity to once again personally thank mums and honour them for the unique contribution they play in the life of their children.

The unconditional love, personal sacrifice and willingness to ‘get their hands dirty’ so that their children will thrive, needs to be supported and promoted in every way throughout the year.

Sadly, much of the recent discussion in the media has focussed on the economic contribution that employed mums make to the nation and the high cost of ‘child care’, missing, it seems, the profound value that full time mums contribute to their families and our society as a whole.

With ‘Father’s Day’ now on the horizon, there is another opportunity to celebrate the distinct and necessary complementary role that dads bring.

This is family as God intended set out in the book of ‘Genesis’; “So God created mankind in His own image... male and female He created them.” Equal yet different. Each reflecting something of God’s character. Each bringing something unique to the next generation.

Phil Playfoot

Kings Church Horsham