LETTER: Profit above the sanctity of sleep

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Your letters

Having been woken by an outbound aircraft from Gatwick at 03.44 hours on September 24, I reported the incident via the noise complaint telephone line 0800 393070.

On October 2 I received a letter from the Flight Performance Team stating, ‘You are aware that Gatwick has no ban on night flights however we do comply with strict regulations set by the Department of Transport. There appears to be nothing unusual about the aircraft which overflew your location.’

This is ironic sarcasm by a commercially focused organisation.

No mention why this aircraft was operating, thus causing noise pollution and in my case sleep deprivation, unfortunately a regular occurrence.

I worked at the airport 1978-1980 when flying ceased between midnight to 06.00 hours except for the Skyways DC3 newspaper delivery flight to Jersey.

I am at a loss to understand why they now purposely annoy us with this noise incursion.

The final paragraph of their letter appears contradictory. ‘I would like to assure you that Gatwick Airport Limited is committed to improving the noise climate around Gatwick. We are continually working with the airlines, Air Traffic Control and representatives from our local communities to explore further ways of achieving this.’

Tom Denton, Head of Gatwick’s Corporate, responsibility please note.

If you wish to place profit above sanctity of sleep it will further alienate the airport from the communities surrounding it, especially myself who have studied its growth from the 1960s and been supportive.


Retired Police Officer and lifetime aviation enthusiast, The Street, Capel