LETTER: Process has been disgraceful

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Your letters

The proposed North Horsham housing development if allowed to go ahead will affect everyone in Horsham, as it will erode the green belt land and strategic gap between Horsham and Crawley.

In addition to this with the nearest hospital up to an hour’s drive away, adding this development along with those to the South and West of Horsham, surely will put lives at risk.

The plan is flawed in many ways and the underhand way this whole process has been dealt with has been disgraceful. It’s politically driven with whipping of votes and punishment of councillors who spoke out and voted against it in meetings on the 25/07/13 and 30/04/14.

MP Francis Maude should look into the behaviour of the councillors in his parliamentary seat.

If the In Touch leaflet (on A3 paper! normally on A4 ) put through our door yesterday from Andrew Baldwin and Jim Rae believe this justifies their actions taken, they underestimate the strength of feeling of the residents. We will certainly be remembering this when it comes to voting.

We do hope that all residents in Horsham, not only those in North Horsham will object to this before the deadline of 16:00 on Friday 27th June.

Jill and Brandon Pleasant

Ropeland Way, Horsham