Letter: Problem with litter in Rusper

I READ, with interest, Reg Roberts’ letter in the County Times (January 26) regarding the litter problem in Rusper.

We also have a huge litter problem in the lane which runs through from Crawley Road to Coppice Road in Roffey.

It is full of discarded beer and fizzy drink cans, plastic bags, crisp packets, sweet wrappers, empty cigarette packets and, worst of all, bags of dog excrement which often hang from the trees where dog owners have thrown them.

What is the point of bagging it up and then leaving it there? It’s worse than not bagging it up at all!

It is in a truly disgusting state and would greatly benefit from a good clear-out and installation of a litter bin by the cut-through into Coneycroft and also possibly a dog poo bin at the end of the lane.

If this is what people do in country lanes, I dread to think what their houses and gardens are like!


Butlers Road, Horsham