LETTER: Pride in our PC’s Quality status

Your letters
Your letters

I read with interest yet another letter from one of your regular correspondents, M.D. Smith of Billingshurst, concerning his/her dissatisfaction with Billingshurst Parish Council (PC).

It is quite apparent that M.D. Smith has taken issue with some aspect of the PC’s work and is unhappy that FoI requests have not led to the full disclosure of the information sought.

Has M.D. Smith considered that this information is not available under the rules of FoI or does he/she prefer a conspiracy theory and trying to cause alarm and upset for those who work for and who make up our PC?

M.D. Smith would like to see the PC stripped of its Quality Council status. Why? I cannot understand why any Billingshurst parishioner would not be proud of its PC’s Quality status.

Please, parish councillors (who are all volunteers) take no notice of this unwarranted badgering and continue to act (asthe majority of you do) in the interests of those of us who have elected you.

M.D. Smith states that many parishioners see the PC as dysfunctional - why then is he/she the only person to write these negative letters to the press?

I have attended PC meetings in the past and there is always a public questions section.

Perhaps M.D. Smith should come out of hiding, make himself/herself known and give our Quality Parish Council the apprpriate forum in which to respond to this unfair criticism.

In the meantime, M.D. Smith, please do not presume to speak for the parish unless you yourself are prepared to take up public office and represent us as an elected member of the PC.


Groomsland Drive, Billingshurst