LETTER: Potholes repaired and others ignored

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Your letters

I was pleasantly surprised to see in WSCT of 6th February 2014 a repeat of the article of October 2013 that featured my complaint to Horsham District Council over the state of the road surface in Springfield Crescent and Springfield Park Road in Horsham.

You may be interested in the sequence of events that followed (this is copied to councillor Christine Costin as she is mentioned herein).

22 November 2013, a crew arrived and in about half an hour repaired the worst of the potholes in Springfield Crescent, leaving other holes untouched within plain sight a few metres from the repair.

25 November 2013, I emailed a letter to councillor Christine Costin to report on the events of the 22nd and provided photographs that the repair was already beginning to disintegrate and mentioning that no other potholes had been attended to, even though they must have been seen and driven over by the crew on their journey to and from the work they actually accomplished. Photographs of these unrepaired potholes were attached to that letter.

29 November 2013, a full repair crew turned up in Springfield Crescent and proceeded to dig out, re-prepare and finish-fill two stretches of road approximately 2 metres wide by 39 metres long in total and as a result all the dangerous potholes have disappeared, leaving only insignificant blemishes and cracks.

2 December 2013, another such crew arrived and proceeded to subject a short length of Springfield Park Road to the same loving care as had been provided to Springfield Crescent on 29th November.

They however repeated the behaviour of previous visits by not attending to all of the most serious locations. On the same day I emailed a number of Horsham District Council personnel to congratulate them on progress to date and noted that if the remaining potholes were to be attended to, I would be happy to write to the West Sussex County Times to report on the success of my campaign and to congratulate the council on their efforts.

Unfortunately I have been unable to write the letter as there have been no further repairs accomplished and so I return to an earlier question as to why the crew did not attend to the remaining sites when they were in the street?

These sites have steadily deteriorated since early December whereas the sites that were attended to on 29th November and 2 December are in such good condition today that you would not know that they were of such vintage.

Photographs taken on, Sunday 9th February, show the state of Springfield Park Road and the proximity of the repaired and unrepaired sites.

Not photographed are a number of defects that have not developed into full-blown holes, yet.

So you can see that while the council ‘got a grip’ it was only a partial one and now need to get another one as the situation is worse due to the effect of the recent weeks’ bad weather.


Springfield Crescent, Horsham