LETTER: Please respond to consultation

Your letters
Your letters

I read with interest the piece by John Steele, of the Horsham Society, in the 5.6.14 edition of your paper: ‘Last chance to be heard on North Horsham plans’ and Richard Coppen’s letter: ‘Deeply concerned over consultation’.

Your readers may go to a new website www.futurehorsham.info for help in making a response to the consultation. There is a short video there and help with the issues associated with the key policies.

The 1,800 people who responded to HDC last year did a brilliant job but most councillors took very little notice of what we said. This time HDC is the post box and all the responses will go to the Inspector.

The staff at HDC are already hard pressed so it will take a little time for comments to come up on the site – but please do respond to the consultation and keep copies of what you send in. We have until Friday, 27 June at 4pm.


Havengate, Horsham