LETTER: Plans have been rushed through

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Your letters

I am writing to give rise to my concerns over the proposed North Horsham development on greenfields near the A264. I feel that it has been rushed through without proper thought and consultation by Horsham District Council.

My key concerns are:

The lack of consultation. Is August a good time to propose this and with such a short window to review?

There also appears to be a lot of missing information re traffic flow assessment, impact assessments on schools and the like.

This site is really not suitable when there are already a number of potential existing sites especially around Southwater.

Finally general consideration as to the large amount of development already under way – Billingshurst, Broadbridge Heath and so on and has there been any real thought given to the lack of capacity at schools, hospitals, roads and space/sporting facilities?

My son attends Warnham and the class sizes are already very high with us getting Horsham overflow as their schools are at capacity.


Chairman, Warnham Conservatives, Bognor Road, Broadbridge Heath