LETTER: Plan will ruin town’s enviable identity

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Your letters

If this outrageous plan is allowed to go ahead it will affect all Horsham residents not just those living in the northern area of the town - this proposal will ruin Horsham’s much envied identity. Its inconceivable that such a beautiful green belt area should ever even have been considered by Horsham District Council.

With all the development and expansion that has taken place over the last 25 years residents were assured by HDC that the northern boundary of the town would not extend any further than the A264 bypass thereby protecting the vital strategic gap between Horsham and Crawley.

It appears to me that Mrs Vickers has not actually stood on the proposed site - surely if she had admired the beautiful scenery or walked along any of the footpaths she would not want it on her conscience that she had concreted over this important greenbelt area. I’m sure other towns would consider this area to be a wonderful asset to be treasured and enjoyed.

Numerous other options have been highlighted for this type of development on ‘brown field’ sites - surely common sense makes these options environmentally the way forward.

Eileen Casey

Lambs Farm Close, Horsham