LETTER: Plan could have been defeated

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Your letters

I read Andy Lobley’s letter ‘Proper process and procedure’ (5.6.14) and have to thank him for setting down so clearly how Cllr Jim Rae (Holbrook East) has vacillated from one position to another according to which audience he has been addressing.

The fact is that if Cllrs Rae, Baldwin, Croft, Cornell had been true to their electors and voted with the 13 councillors that voted against this North Horsham development plan it would have been defeated.

But they didn’t – preferring to excuse their actions with the supposed threat of what would happen if they didn’t support this flawed scheme in the Strategic Gap. The excellent piece by Roger Arthur (‘Case for new business park has not been made’, 5.6.14, p40) is well worth a read and shows just how pathetic such threats really are.


Downsview Road, Horsham