LETTER: People want their democracy back

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It would seem from his puzzlement (County Times 18/09/14 Horsham edition) at the defection of Douglas Carswell to UKIP, that Horsham MP Francis Maude has not been listening. Mr Carswell said that: ‘The problem is that many of those at the top of the Conservative party are simply not on our side. They aren’t serious about the change that Britain so desperately needs.

‘Of course they talk the talk before elections, they say what they feel they must say to get our support when they want our support. But on so many issues – on modernising our politics, on controlling our borders, on less government, on bank reform, on cutting public debt, on an EU referendum – they never actually let it happen.’

Mr Carswell was only reflecting the disenchantment of many voters with the old PC political classes, who continue to put party and career before country. Those such as Mr Maude should ask themselves, why so many no longer want to vote for their parties.

Because the old parties are still in denial, we will see further movement of the tectonic plates in May.

People want their democracy back, including the promised Localism, and they don’t like spin and deception.


Horsham district councillor for Chanctonbury and Horsham parliamentary candidate for UKIP, North Street, Horsham