LETTER: People have to say ‘enough is enough’

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Your letters

I have lived in Horsham since 1982 and now consider myself to be a resident.

During this time I have seen some massive changes take place and some horrendous mistakes I am amazed sometimes by the stupidity of the plans put forward by the council but also by the responses.

Can people remember the plan for a hotel by the park, or possibly the swimming pool built in the mid-1980s that had to be subsequently demolished because of its poor design, or the lovely old theatre that had to be demolished for Marks and Spencer to be built.

Sometimes people have to say enough is enough.

Our councillors are voted for and paid (via expenses) by us but it seems that in this case we are being ignored.

So, listen up Horsham; wake up and stand up to the closing of the strategic gap between Horsham and Crawley.

Do it now, lobby, demonstrate and stop this ridiculous idea from being passed.

Remember this councillors, the residents of Horsham put you into office and can just as easily vote you out.

I am all for change, I am not a luddite but this plan is ill conceived, poorly thought through and will not benefit Horsham at all.

Simon Hill

Lambs Farm Road, Horsham