LETTER: Peace and quiet is rudely disturbed

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Your letters

I have sent the following open letter to the Gatwick ‘Noise Line’.

I was rudely disturbed by a passenger aircraft at 0657 hours, 8th Dec 2014, flying low over the RH12 area of North Roffey this morning. This was followed by another aircraft within ten minutes. This is something which appears to be getting more frequent and continues intermittently throughout today.

This is completely unacceptable. This is an area of outstanding beauty, and we chose to live here for the peace and quiet away from a flight path, so why are we now beginning to suffer these interruptions? Is this a way of Gatwick trying to ‘acclimatise’ local residents to the increased noise should a second runway be approved? (Pushed through?)

I would appreciate being told if this is likely to become the ‘norm’. The last time I was informed this was because of ‘flight path testing’. Well the test has failed where I am concerned. Please revert back to the normal route.

I have copied in our local district councillors but I fear the ‘political elite’ do not have the concerns of the local residents at their heart. Maybe it is time for a change?


Broadwood Close, Horsham

Editor’s note: further to this letter, Mr Williams has notified us of a further complaint to the noise line, to which he has written: ‘Today, 10th Dec 2014, I am trying to work and again I am disturbed by a low flying passenger aircraft at 0948 hrs. When has this ‘proposed’ flight path, should a 2nd runway be approved, become a permanent one?

‘Horsham District Council are not being consulted on the expansion proposals. May I enquire why? Is this because you are frightened to give the people their voice?

‘I live 15 miles from Gatwick Airport and I do so in the belief I would not be disturbed by consistent aircraft noise. I understand the occasional ‘fly over’ in emergency but I would like to know if this ‘flight path’ is now becoming regular?’