Letter: Pavements are for pedestrians not cars

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I was surprised to see the piece written by Malcolm Willis, entitled ‘Please think before you park’, in last week’s County Times.

It didn’t really think about the pedestrian and seemed to be solely related to freedom of movement of vehicles.

Pavements are designed for use by pedestrians as well as people with pushchairs, walking aids, wheelchairs and some types of mobility scooter.

To acknowledge that parking on pavements is not allowed in the town in the absence of an appropriate sign to the contrary, and then to suggest that it’s acceptable in narrow streets, so as to allow the free passage of emergency vehicles, doesn’t make sense.

We continue to see many cases where pedestrians and other valid users of pavements are forced to walk in the road due to parking on pavements.

We saw the worst of both worlds the other day in Trafalgar Road, Horsham, where one vehicle was partially parked on the pavement. It prevented pedestrian access along that pavement and also prevented the Metro bus from going along the road.

We have to ensure that people are able to park near their homes but we have to approach the problem in a sensible way.

We also need to ensure that pedestrians and other essential users are able to use pavements in the way in which they’re intended.

We should not be suggesting that it’s acceptable to ignore parts of the Highway Code just because it suits us to do so.

David Moore

Swindon Road, Horsham