LETTER: Patient care has been impecable

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Today I happened to read in your esteemed publication an article by Dianne Jones (page 5, November 14) with the headline “Health services are not failing says NHS trust”I take the liberty of writing this letter and I hope you find it worthy of publication as I thought it might be of interest to your readers.

What is more, I am writing this from my bed in the Ardingly Ward of the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath, where I have been for over a week. My admiration concerning this stay has no limits and I should like to express my thoughts about this NHS hospital and the service given in it.

This ward of six female patients was an eye-opener for me. The ward is swept and washed thoroughly every day, the bed, windows, etc dusted. Bed linen is changed daily.The patient care is also impeccable. The doctors, nurses and all other personnel are very attentive to patients, responding to the bell very quickly whatever the hour of day or night, and everyone is of cheerful disposition.

With regard to the food, I don’t remember better quality whether in an NHS hospital or in a private one. The portions are more than generous, well-presented, and fresh.

I have had a long experience of hospitals around the world as my husband, the late Sir David Hunt, was Her Majesty’s Ambassador in many countries. Before that he was Private Secretary to prime ministers Clement Attlee, Winston Churchill and Harold Macmillan. He later became “Mastermind of Masterminds”, the only winner of two “Mastermind” trophies. Sussex was very proud of that and I am happy to live here.

I thought to write this letter hoping that it will give credit where credit is due.My other experience of NHS hospitals is that in 1997 I was in Hurstwood Park Hospital, in Haywards Heath, where I was in a coma for seven weeks. After three operations the surgeons brought me back to life with no permanent damage to the brain. I think the NHS is marvelous.In finishing I would like to thank all those in the hospital who gave me, and everyone else in the ward, such good care.

Lady (Iro) Hunt