LETTER: Parties envious of support for UKIP

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Your letters

I was bemused while reading the letter in last week’s County Times from David Hide, the Labour Party chair, bemoaning the ‘disproportionate’ amount of column space the County Times provides to my party.

I have always felt the County Times fairly publishes letters and articles from across the political spectrum, one might suspect there is a certain amount of envy amongst the other political parties in seeing the strong support shown by UKIP members within Horsham district.

As a party UKIP encourages its members to speak freely on matters that concern them, something an elected UKIP councillor will do. As a party we do not operate a party whip and our candidates are happy to sign the Free Speech Charter.

While I agree with David Hide that the electorate have a number of choices on May 7th, the only party in Horsham that can change the current status quo is UKIP based on the results in the European elections where UKIP polled 33.4 per cent compared to Labour’s 8.7 per cent behind the Green Party.


Chairman, UKIP Horsham Branch, Timber Mill, Southwater