Letter: Parking ‘free for all’ in Horsham

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In regards to the latest correspondence in your paper of both poor and inconsiderate parking, I would uphold all these comments.

It would appear that the Highway Code as to parking within a specific distance from a junction is now never a consideration. It is stated opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction. We see both domestic and trade vehicles parked on or adjacent to road junctions.

These vehicles provide us with a hazard as vision is restricted. These restrictions are also exacerbated by unkempt hedging and verges on the junctions.

I have sent letters to my parish council on this subject and offered solutions but alas they have none. I have engaged with Highways and again they say their hands are tied.

It must be in someone’s remit to police domestic parking, either the county council or local council, but on housing estates it is still a free for all.

Many motorists are unaware of emergency access issues and we see parking opposite already parked vehicles. This normal situation allows just enough room for a small vehicle to squeeze through and access and egress a path.

Emergency vehicles are commercial vehicles as are our municipal refuse and delivery vehicles. These poor chaps have to negotiate this on a daily basis and what if your refuse is not collected and your goods not delivered – yes, you will complain.

You will complain to the council and your supplier.

These municipal vehicles are as a minimum 7ft 6ins wide, 2.44m, in an emergency I am sure from experience that a fire appliance will force its way through as these are substantial vehicles but with an ambulance this may not be an option due to its construction and is unable to gain vital lifesaving access.

Unfortunately this process is not available for a local authority vehicle such as a refuse vehicle.

If this issue is not resolved I am sure we will see in the future your paper reporting a life has been lost due to the design access for an emergency vehicle.

If the highways authority and councils cannot resolve this then perhaps this is back to good old policing but at present this situation is just anarchy.

Perhaps Sussex police and crime commissioner, Katy Bourne, has an answer as she appears to have an answer for everything and delivers nothing.

Tony Hicks

Broome Close, Horsham