LETTER: ‘Park’ in town would be an asset

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Your letters

Please forgive me if I am having a ‘senior moment’, but did Horsham residents fairly recently have a ‘referendum’ about whether the ‘Shelley Fountain’ should go or stay?

Was the outcome not 85-88 per cent in favour of getting RID of this money-guzzling White Elephant?

Having been totally appalled at the pathetic attempt to ‘improve’ West Street to the tune of HALF A MILLION POUNDS - i.e. some curved paving; set in coloured lights and horseshoes; plus a few tubs of bamboo, and worse, a couple of waste bins and far less seating than before - I dread to think what our spendthrift council will come up with next.

I have often eaten my lunchtime sandwich in the pleasant waterfall/stream/tree area behind the ball-on-a-stick eyesore.

I have seen lots of people enjoying that part of the Bishopric, and lots of photos have been taken of children and families in front of the waterfall feature. Children love the tiny stream to paddle in or to sail sticks in, and the birds enjoy a drink too.

How about turning the ‘Shelley Fountain’ area into a continuation of the ‘green’ area behind it? It would draw people into that end of West Street, and with sensible careful planning the Bishopric beyond the gardens could be incorporated as well.

PLEASE don’t let Horsham’s shopping areas become bland and concreted as are so many boring town centres - a park-like environment in the town would surely be an asset, and in sensible hands, not necessarily cost council tax payers a fortune.

H.A. ASHBY (Mrs)

Chesworth Gardens, Horsham