LETTER: Overwhelmed by Halloween tat

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Halloween - in its secular, commercial form - is yet another unwelcome import from the United States. In the Christian calendar, it marks All Souls Day.

In these days of continuing recession, we hear a good deal about the poor and disadvantaged - also the need for food banks - even in our supposedly prosperous town of Horsham.

That said, the shops are crammed full of what can only be described as ‘Halloween tat’ - purchased mainly by parents who can ill afford such tasteless articles - but for the pester power of their children.

Their kids who dare not be left out of what they perceive to be fun - without any knowledge of the origins of these so-called celebrations.

Add to this, the money spent on massive firework displays also the very real anxiety of the elderly being called upon by youthful ‘Trick or Treat’ enthusiasts - often the worst for wear - and it says a good deal about the values of modern day Britain.

Doubtless, I shall be labelled a miserable killjoy as Halloween is just another harmless occasion for youngsters to let their hair down and paint their faces with what they assume are frightening images.

Well, I make no apology for that. Anyone who is so naïve as to play into the hands of hard-headed purveyors of frivolous Halloween tat, can’t be that hard up!


Ayshe Court Drive, Horsham