Letter: Over-the-top viewpoint

THE ARTICLE ‘Plans to destroy countryside fill me with nausea’ by the County Times writer Paul Deacon must set some sort of record for a hyperbole-ridden, xenophobic, over-the-top piece.

I trust that his disgraceful playing of the holocaust card (‘Building a concentration camp at Auschwitz’, not to mention a ‘Blitzkrieg’) will produce a suitable apology in next week’s paper. Any senior politician who wrote that would rightly be on the headlines the next day.

Deacon talks about democracy. Who elected him? I believe that the County Times should be there to report the news, not to make the news. The Times has an editorial column where it can express itself. Let it report the debate, but it should not weigh in with an absurdly one-sided piece of its own.

If the Times wishes to join in local politics, as it appears to do, let it field a range of candidates at the next elections (The Times’ People’s Party?) and take its chance with the full electorate.


Durfold Road, Horsham

Paul Deacon replies: Unfortunately, Mr Mullen has completely failed to grasp the substance of what I was arguing.

The main point of my comment piece (which, of course, was purely my personal opinion and presented in that context) was to challenge the orthodox view that never-ending ‘economic growth’ is a necessity and that we have no choice but to surrender our countryside to development in the name of so-called progress.

I further pointed out that there is a democratic deficit in the manner in which this urban sprawl is allowed to go ahead. The public are simply never given the opportunity to say ‘no’.

I can only assume that Mr Mullen’s bizarre accusation of ‘xenophobia’ stems from my mentioning the undisputed fact that an American company is behind the North Horsham scheme.

It is disingenuous of him to claim outrage at my passing reference to Auschwitz, which I cited as the worst historical example of the brutal and ruthless industrial mindset threatening humanity and the planetary environment.