LETTER: Outrageous plan will destroy town

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Your letters

I object to the plan to develop the remaining greenbelt around Horsham, greenfields north of A264 into a suburban sprawl of 2,500 houses, a supermarket, and a huge industrial park, the size of four football pitches plus car parks (an outrageous 500,000sq.ft of cheap industrial units, which will certainly stand empty, like so many others).

For families, like myself, the main concern is children’s education, recreation, and healthcare.

There are no new primary schools, surgeries, nurseries, parks, leisure centres in this huge outrageous plan, and further, should this ill-considered plan be approved in September, existing residents will lose their catchment area eligibility for Millais and Forest schools and be forced to send children to a new school across the A264.

Families work hard to afford to live in this area, so as to send their children to established schools with excellent ratings.

Our catchment areas are about to be sneakily taken away from us by the current members of Horsham District Council, Claire Vickers, Ray Dawe, chief executive Tom Crowley and other local councillors.

This is a major aspect of this proposal which should be widely advertised to residents, rather than being snuck in on the back pages of a long report!

Local residents urge you to be honest, to consider our interests fairly and to abandon this plan, which destroys the small historic market town of Horsham and turns it into a huge town and disadvantages local families.

Residents, write now to object to the plan to build over the greenfields off the A264, north of Horsham.

Write urgently to all 44 local councillors and chief executive, this outrageous plan to change the face of Horsham is now in consultation and will be approved shortly.



Pondtail Park, Horsham