LETTER: Once it is gone it will not come back

Your letters
Your letters

Things do not look too optimistic for the future of Horsham Indoor Bowls Club.

Expecting to get some feedback on the council Facebook chat all we got amongst all the ducking and diving was wait and see.

It must be getting on for two years since the council offered their infamous 7a option rescue for the whole leisure complex.

Surely they must have some definitive ideas for a basis of the the new complex? Horsham Indoors Bowls Club made a compelling case to be included in the new complex which was acknowledged in the 7a option but they are now being asked to re-apply for their own job!

Interesting comment from Mr Chowen, representing the council, that the complex would be run by a ‘contractor’. Can I guess that would be ‘D C Leisure’/ ‘Places for People Group Ltd’.

Nothing against that company although they have no track record for bowls. The popularity of the bowls club is that it is run by the bowling fraternity whom understand the unique requirements of that sport. Would we want the club to lose its independence?

I would ask everyone to sit up and take notice, the council reacted to the people’s demonstration last time. Please give your support to a club run by people.

I would ask everyone to register their support with the council. Just address your objections to Mr Chowen.

Once it is gone it will not come back!


Skylark View, Horsham