Letter: obtrusive car park at store

ALTHOUGH Waitrose’s representatives try to minimise the impact of their proposed two-storey car park in Storrington they admit it will raise the existing ground level by about a metre.

That is a considerable increase, particularly if you live or do business in the immediate vicinity.

Stick multiple vehicles on top and you will have a very obtrusive new presence in the midddle of the village.

Waitrose has also been rather coy on the subject of construction.

How many thousand tonnes of soil and other materials will be excavated to create the new underground level?

How will that spoil be transported through the village?

How many HGV journeys will that entail?

How greatly will that exacerbate our already serious trafffic problem?

Who will pay to repair the inevitable damage to the village’s road surfaces?

Let’s have some answers, please, rather than cosy generalities.


Water Lane, Storrington