LETTER: Now that’s a happy Easter!

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Your letters

Easter eggs, daffodils, chicks, bunnies - all very colourful, comforting and fun around Horsham town.

But the events 2,000 years ago behind our Easter celebrations now were very different. Far from being fluffy and fun, there was pain, shock and horror as Jesus the Christ was nailed to a cross.

There was blood and sweat, suffering and tears and a whole range of emotions for his followers.

They didn’t understand why the man they had seen do miracles, who had taught them so much and set them a powerful example of what loving God and loving others looked like, was now nailed to a cross and dead. So disappointing. They’d given everything for him. Now - dead? They were stunned. That was Friday.

But then - came - Sunday. Alive again. Death could not hold him. They saw him, talked to him, ate with him. Hope restored, strength renewed, overwhelming joy.

No chicks or bunnies to temporarily gladden the heart but a mission very much accomplished that would change believing hearts forever.

Now that’s a Happy Easter!


Life Community Baptist Church,