LETTER: Not acceptable to waste greenfields

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Your letters

I object to the plan to develop the greenfields north of A264 into a suburban sprawl of 2,500 boxes, a supermarket, and an industrial park, the size of 4 football pitches plus car parks (an absurd 500,000 sq ft of cheap industrial units, which will certainly stand empty, like so many other industrial parks in UK).

There is no shortage of industrial,commercial and office space in our country, even in Surrey, London, Kent, ports and industrial towns. An insane reason to obliterate the remaining greenfields. The council does have other sites and options, which must be considered.

Should this incompetent and incomprehensively motivated plan be approved in September, North Horsham residents will lose their catchment area eligibility for Millais and Forest schools and be forced to send children to a new school across the A264.

Families worked hard to afford to live in this area, so as to send their children to established local schools. Our catchment areas, which we earned the right to, are about to be sneakily taken away from us by the current members of HDC.

The creators of the plan are councillors Claire Vickers and Ray Dawe, supported by councillors Rae, Baldwin, Croft, Cornell, and CEO Tom Crowley.

For families, the main concern is children’s education, recreation, and healthcare. There are no new surgeries, medical services, nurseries, parks, leisure centres, and playgrounds in this outrageous plan. Availability and quality of local services and amenities will take an irreparable blow.

Local councillors, the above are major aspects of this proposal which should be widely advertised to residents, rather than being snuck in on the back pages of a long report!

Local residents urge you to consider our interests fairly and to abandon this plan, which destroys the historic market town of Horsham for tourism and the quality of life and amenities for existing residents, and disadvantages local families to such extent.

There is nothing of value to existing residents in this proposal. Councillors must decline their blessing to the developer and landowners, it is not acceptable to waste our greenfields and to so severely disadvantage local residents.

Residents, write urgently and object to the plan to build over the greenfields near A264, North Horsham. Email all 44 local councillors and chief executive, as this outrageous plan made it to consultation and will be approved in weeks.



Sloughbrook Close, Horsham