LETTER: North Horsham plans abhorrent

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Your letters

We are residents of North Horsham and live in the Lemmington Way Estate and feel worried and confused regarding the potential development north of Horsham.

We moved to Horsham to live in a market town atmosphere away from large housing estates, industrial parks, out of town centres and enjoy a town that’s accessible, friendly and with wonderful countryside on our door-step.

The proposed plans are abhorrent and will lead us to move from the area for the following reasons:

1. The countryside that you are planning to destroy is an area of outstanding beauty that we use for dog walking, family walks running and riding.

2. Surely the enormous estate being built near Holmbush Farm and Broadbridge Heath warrants sufficient green land and countryside being destroyed!! Is it not enough that 7,000 new houses are being built in and around Horsham increasing the cars, pollution and population to breaking point. Thus will already destroy Horsham and the market town feel.

2. We do not want the gap between Horsham and Crawley to disappear. If we wanted to live in Crawley we would have moved there.

3. Horsham is already under strain from the current residents, in terms of facilities, parking etc, there is currently nowhere to park on weekends, let alone a further 10,000 residents. The council is also removing sporting facilities in Broadbridge Heath so what is the sense when there is a plan to expand the population significantly.

This is without the strain that will occur with the development in progress around Holmbush Farm.

4. Why a new railway station? I commute to London and Littlehaven and Horsham (both within a mile of each other) are more than adequate. What disruption would any new station planned cause to existing services?

5. Horsham is a beautiful market town which on your watch you are systematically destroying. To repeat myself, surely we are doing enough with the housing already being built to aid the housing supply. This just does not make sense and leads me to question your personal motives.

6. Could you explain how HDC came to appoint the proposed developer please. I would want to see proof of the reasons why this particular company.

7. I would be very interested to know exactly where the appropriate councillors involved actually live?!!

I would welcome the chance to discuss this further and would like full detail of the procurement process followed to secure the proposed property developers.

M Pedel

Avebury Close, Horsham