Letter: North Horsham, ‘nausea at the thought’

REGARDING development of land north of Horsham, I really only have two points on which I would wish to comment on this subject, apart from the nausea felt at the thought of the development taking place.

Firstly I note that the present owners of part of the land have suggested that because it is mostly arable it is not worth preserving.

Surely the alternative of cultivation would assist in reducing food shortages which are predicted at some time in the future.

Secondly we keep hearing about the need to provide more housing.

Here in Billingshurst we have several small developments, one of which was completed some three months ago. As far as I can see not one of the 20 or so properties has been sold.

How is it proposed to fill the massive development in Horsham and surrounding districts – particularly as commuter fares have just been the target for over RPI rate increases?


East Street, Billingshurst