Letter: North Horsham incinerator - getting round the problems

No Incinerator 4 Horsham members, pictured earlier this year
No Incinerator 4 Horsham members, pictured earlier this year

While not a supporter of the north of Horsham incinerator proposals, until more is done in this country to reduce the amount of waste generated, both domestic and commercial, there are going to be plans regularly put forward for incinerators to be built.

However, I do support the idea of burning some of the waste to generate electricity rather than it all going to landfill, as long as a method can be found (and regulated to ensure compliance) to keep any harmful emissions released to an absolute minimum.

One of the areas that has generated a lot of comment is that the incinerator would generate a huge number of additional lorry movements on our roads.

The way to overcome this is surely for a spur to be built to the proposed site from around the Warnham area on the current Horsham to Dorking rail line.

I suspect that despite the short length of track required, the bill will be large and therefore Britaniacrest would not want, or be able, to foot the bill, but I’m sure it could be achieved through private sector investment and/or public sector grants.

I am a supporter of the expansion of public transport, but I do have serious doubts about the benefits of HS2 that is going to cost many tens of billions of pounds.

If this sort of money is available, I would much rather see it spent on projects like the link to the proposed incinerator site.

Chris Smith

Primrose Copse, Horsham