LETTER: No protection for green field land

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Christ’s Hospital School (CHF) have made a submission (Pro Sub 2861) on Cllr Vickers’ 20 Year housing plan. Available on HDC’s website to read, the key part states:

‘CHF owns a substantial area of land within and surrounding Christ’s Hospital which includes Christ’s Hospital School. Future income streams generated from the sale or development of the CHF’s land assets are of great importance in sustaining the school at its Horsham site into the future. At the present time CHF has before the Council an application for new housing and an extended station car park on land at the former Station Yard Christ’s Hospital….’

So Christ’s Hospital is offering more of its green fields to be concreted over by developers. Of course the easy option for developers is to build on greenfield land rather than the preferred option in the NPPF of using brown field sites first - of which there are ample in Horsham and across our district.

Cabinet member for planning Cllr Vickers, leader Cllr Dawe and his deputy Cllr Croft’s 20-year housing Plan is left wanting as it contains no protection for greenfield land such as Christ’s Hospital, and the two Strategic Gaps between Southwater and Horsham and the Strategic Gap between Horsham and Crawley.

This leadership trio has given developers an easy ride as their mass housing plan doesn’t force developers to use brownfield land sites in the district. The landowners and developers must be laughing all the way to the bank.


North Parade, Horsham