LETTER: No complaint - until now

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Your letters

Horsham Society’s John Steele has said nothing to cause complaint (“Horsham Society is not negative, just watchful”, WSCT, Aug 29) - until now:

“The proposed North Horsham development is simply not good planning...Nobody should be fooled into believing this is the result of considered planning; it is simply a politically-motivated stitch-up designed to dump almost all the District’s new housing on Horsham, with no concern for the consequences”

I wonder if Mr Steele would be saying the same if HDC had chosen the ‘West of Ifield’ Option instead - a monstrous plan which would have dumped 60 per cent of Horsham’s housing allocation on Crawley.

I doubt it somehow.

Richard W Symonds

The Ifield Society, Lavington Close, Ifield

Fear Horsham will lose its identity

I write to you in respect of the proposed North Horsham development.

I live in Roffey and have lived in Horsham for some 37 years. In that time there have been major changes in the town, with a large increase in population but with only minor changes in the infrastructure to support the population.

The proposal to build large numbers of houses in North Horsham on top of the huge developments elsewhere in Horsham and surrounding villages will put further unsustainable strain on infrastructure and services. The area is short of water and huge numbers of new consumers will ensure that water restrictions will become inevitable every summer for longer periods. Will the sewage works be able to cope?

The NHS is already stretched to breaking point; where are the hospital services and doctors to come from? Already we have to wait for weeks for non urgent appointments.

Where will the children go to school, again our schools are full to bursting.

The development is to include an industrial area; where are all the companies coming from to fill this; there are already empty buildings in our industrial areas.

The gap between Horsham and Crawley is fast disappearing, what has happened to the promise made by previous councillors to retain this strategic gap as green belt.

Our quality of life will be further eroded with increased pollution; increased traffic and jams making travelling more of a nightmare. More pressure will be put on public transport. Potentially there will be more crime; Roffey already has an increasing burglary problem. House prices are likely to be affected by the above adverse factors.

I have no objections to Crawley, but fear that Horsham will be swallowed up in a new Crawsham, will lose its identity and quality of life.

The plan will be voted on in September / October, we need to make our views known to our councillors to get this development stopped.

K. Burgess

Forest Road, Horsham