LETTER: No ‘brownfield site’ in village

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Your letters

Several recent letters in your letters page have urged HDC to develop ‘the large brownfield site’ in Southwater instead of North Horsham.

The fact is that there is no ‘brownfield site’ in Southwater. The only thing that’s brown about the site in Southwater is the herd of cows being reared there by the tenant farmer. The site is a greenfield site, a working farm.

One reader even suggested building at Southwater and ‘not on the green fields of North Horsham’. So it’s acceptable to build on the green fields in Southwater, but not on those of North Horsham?

By all means fight your corner North Horsham, but please also remember that in the Preferred Option Document there are plans for a further 500 houses in Southwater in addition to those new houses still being built.

Southwater has taken more than its fair share of the District’s development over the past few years.

Building 2,750 more would completely destroy the village, and make absolutely zero planning sense, something which the planning department of HDC now appear to have acknowledged in their Preferred Option Document.


Fletchers, Southwater