Letter: NIMBYs on radar

WHILE reading the County Times of February 2, I couldn’t help noticing that the dominant topic throughout the paper was the thorny issue of potential new housing and the possible locations of new developments.

How lovely it would be if we could all live in an unchanging world, where no-one’s back yard had to be built on.

Unfortunately, human beings have an annoying habit of procreating at a faster rate than they shuffle off to the green belt in the sky. It’s inconvenient, but new housing will have to be built somewhere.

However, my NIMBY radar blew a gasket when I noticed (page 16) the campaign to prevent Southwater’s green fields being ‘covered in housing’.

I wonder if any of the supporters of this campaign live in any of the many thousands of houses in Southwater which were built on green countryside in the recent past.

I’m sure they enjoy the many facilities which Southwater offers, such as shops, banking, restaurants, schools etc. All of which were also built on what was once someone else’s countryside.

So if you live in modern Southwater and oppose new housing, a little self-examination please. It’s wrong to throw stones when you’re in a glass house. Or a UPVC conservatory.


Collingwood Road, Horsham