LETTER: NHS dedication is much appreciated

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Your letters

In light of the frequent bad publicity that the NHS receives, I thought that I would write to tell you of my recent experience of the NHS at work.

On September 18, I collapsed at my home. My wife, who is a retired nurse, took my blood pressure and suspected that I was suffering from internal bleeding. She immediately called 999 and an emergency ambulance arrived in about 30 minutes.

The two paramedics were brilliant and on learning my medical history, including long-term warfarin use, immediately radioed their superiors who advised that I be taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital at Brighton. I was conveyed to Brighton in 30 minutes at the height of the evening rush.

On arrival at Brighton I was taken straight into a treatment cubicle in A&E where a doctor and nurse were waiting for me and immediately set to work. After applying an antidote to the warfarin to stop the bleeding I had two CT scans and an ultrasound scan and then received a transfusion of four units of blood. I remained in the A&E overnight and was then transferred to the High Dependency Unit where I remained for two days before being transferred to a ward.

The treatment that I received from the arrival of the emergency ambulance until my eventual discharge could not have been bettered and all credit is due to the A&E team and the HDU nursing and medical staff for their care and professionalism.

I am copying this letter to the hospital in order that the staff concerned should know that their dedication and professionalism is appreciated by a grateful patient.


Bens Acre, Horsham