LETTER: New way to serve our community

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Your letters

If you enjoy a cup of coffee in a peaceful atmosphere it is likely that you have been disappointed by the closure of The Café @ The Centre in Horsham.

This particular café was a bit different from others and the impact of its closure has affected many within our community.

It was a place where those with particular needs were welcomed and were free to be themselves and where others were available to come alongside them to support and encourage. Occasionally some would want to confidentially share things that concerned them; sometimes this special time would end with a prayer.

It is always sad when a business has to close and things as they were have to end.

Christians live in the hope that some good will result, even following the most dreadful events.

They call this a resurrection hope and it is founded on the knowledge that Jesus, once brutally crucified on the cross, descended to the very depths of hell only to rise again on the first Easter and lives with us today.

We pray that plans to resurrect a similar but new way of serving the community in Horsham will succeed.


Former manager, Horsham Christian Centre