LETTER: New station is just a pipedream

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Your letters

I write in response to the letter from Paul Mason, ‘What are the real alternatives?’, (WSCT Sept 12th) concerning the proposed North Horsham development. I am intrigued by his inference that businesses are going to be attracted to the proposed new business park because of its good communications facilities.

Has he tried driving the A264 to Crawley in the rush hour? It takes a lot longer than ten minutes to connect with the M23 at those times! Once the 2,500 homes are built, things will be even worse, as they will add to the congestion.

There is, of course, the A24 which connects with the M25 at Leatherhead. The only problem is that the five mile stretch between Warnham and Capel is the most appalling stretch of A-road in the whole country!

The new railway station is likely to be little more than a pipe dream. The Horsham to Crawley line already runs at full capacity. Network Rail has already applied for planning permission to extend Ifield station and there is pressure to extend Littlehaven and to build a new ‘Holmbush’ station to serve the new Kingley Vale development. There is a limit to how much more this stretch of line can accommodate.

I think any shrewd businessman would look more deeply into the situation of the business park than Mr Mason appears to have done.


Heath Way, Horsham