LETTER: New development diktat is absurd

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Your letters

I’m sorry my old Horsham I’ve just woken up to what is going on around you.

I believe I have to have a valid reason to object to the planned development of North Horsham, at least one that is consid-ered by the council to be valid.

Should I go hunting then for the crested newt?

I believe the fact that I have lived and worked in Horsham since 1969 a valid reason.

I think the creation of a middle class ghetto north of the by-pass is not part of the mindset of a normal Horsham resident, not when you look at the size of the new developments to the south.

We were promised the greenfield sites north of the bypass would be off limits by previous administrators, but such are Tory promises.

How have we all allowed our town to be dictated to by central government? The new build requirement diktat is of course absurd.

This country does not need to build more houses, it needs to import less people, are our fields to be paved for the incompetence of people like our faceless member of parliament who seems to have hidden himself inside his party?

Let’s keep Horsham a small market town like it says on the road signs, we don’t need another Broadfield or Bewbush just down the road.

On October 11 if the people who we voted to represent us vote in favor of this madness they have exceeded their mandate and no longer deserve my vote or respect, UKIP will get mine.

Graham Snooks

Holly Close, Horsham