LETTER: New call to MP for flightpath action

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Your letters

I would like to encourage anyone concerned about the aircraft noise being experienced with the changes in the flight path from Gatwick to join the Warnham action group - email Sallypavey@yahoo.com.

Our local MP, Francis Maude, attended a meeting of Warnham and North Horsham recently and has promised to try and return the flight paths to the normal routes used for the past 29 years or more.

However the noise nuisance continues and I have sent the following message to our MP to show my concern over the fact that no change has so far taken place:

‘Dear Mr Maude

We were very hopeful, after the meeting in Warnham, when you said the trial flight path had failed.

Unfortunately it is still going on, every day, early morning, until night, directly above our home.

Living near the original flight paths for the last 29 years we have always accepted varying degrees of aircraft noise and understand the need to fly, but we object to this change in flight path from what has been the accepted norm for many years.

We dispute they can fly higher and/or quicker with this change - if anything they are lower and noisier than they were when flying on the original paths in this area.

Residential areas should be given more consideration from a private company who clearly care only for their own commercial interests.’

We must all take action now to stop this unnecessary change from the accepted norm that we have all been used to over many years.


Langhurstwood Road, Horsham