Letter: Mystery of Southwater village sign

Southwater sign
Southwater sign

I read with interest that the developer is going to remove the sculpture of Mr Pirie and his donkey cart carefully and return them at the end of the development of Piries Place in Horsham.

I hope they take more care of him than the developers building at the southern end of Southwater who removed our village sign and have now lost it.

This takes some doing as it is a large wrought iron sign set on a substantial oak post.

I know that the developer has promised to replace the sign but that does not answer the questions.

Someone instructed a digger driver to remove the sign, presumably someone talked to County Highways to revoke the licence held by the parish council to have the sign there in the first place.

Yet no one knows where the sign went or who dug it up.

Mr Pirie BEWARE.

Jeremy Senneck

Cripplegate Lane, Southwater