LETTER: My bin is going back to council

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On June 4, just to see what would happen, I put my brown top bin out for collection, not having taken-up the kind offer of HDC and its con-trick of the newly created, ‘user pays’ philosophy.

It was not emptied but was moved and left at the roadside with a shiny HDC label attached.

It explains they have ‘not been able to empty’ my garden waste bin today.

And goes on to explain that they only empty bins where the service has been paid for and a valid sticker is displayed.

One hates to split hairs about them actually being quite able to empty the bin, but choosing not to.

OK so what next?

For me it is direct action.

The full council next meets at Park House 18:00 on 26th June and I intend to deliver the brown top bin to them at 17:30 on that day.

Anyone wishing to join me is welcome.


Butlers Road, Horsham