LETTER: Much at risk in Quadrant plans

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Your letters

Gone. This will be the fate of Horsham Indoor Bowls Club if Horsham council persist with their intentions to commercialise the Quadrant at Broadbridge Heath.

Gone... will be an imporant pastime for hundreds of local residents whom belong to the club which would also affect hundreds of family members of those residents.

Gone... would be thousands of other bowls players from around the UK as well as touring teams whom rely on this facility to play their sport.

Gone... would be the ability to put on national youth championship matches as they did recently. Unless the bowls club retain existing facilities this would be impossible.

Gone... one of the few indoor venues open to the blind to pursue their love of bowls.

Gone... to those residents whom use the facility for other social events such as Bridge, low cost restaurant and whist drives etc.

Gone... will be the free parking enjoyed by existing members. Any replacement facility would almost certainly be subject to a hidden tax in the form of car park charges on whatever pastime they are forced to change to.

Gone... would be the faith in local government whom are supposed to enhance facilities for the benefit of the local constituents and to make Horsham a desirable place to live.


Skylark View, Horsham