LETTER: Mr Arthur has got many thinking

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Your letters

I am not a signed up member of UKIP but after reading the letters from L.N. Price and John Wood (County Times August 8) I am very tempted.

It seems that this emerging party has got some people rather rattled.

Roger Arthur is attempting to break the mould of West Sussex politics by challenging the entrenched Tory stranglehold and question what is going on with the EEC, the urbanisation of our countryside, immigration and overseas aid.

Anything that makes us think and debate about what sort of country we want to live in is surely positive.

Power corrupts and when one party enjoys continuous power in a particular area of the country it is not healthy.

As for accusing the County Times of bias, well, a certain cabinet member who happens to be our MP enjoys the facility of a weekly column in the paper so I suggest that giving Mr Arthur who, by virtue of UKIP’s successes in the recent local elections, an opportunity to express alternative views is very fair. It is after all local news.

Well done Mr Arthur, you have got many of us thinking.


Woodfield, Southwater